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Psychic to the Psychics...And Hotshots Like You

Hi! I’m Trisha.

I’m a psychic, a medium, an intuitive coach and a Native American — which I mention because comes into play with the psychic part.

That’s the part that receives wise, trustworthy, and astoundingly true answers to your big questions.

And that’s why you’re here, right? You want answers.

You wonder things like:

  • When do I get to share my true gifts with the world?
  • Will I ever fully take off in my career? And if so, when?
  • Is this one The One? Or do I need to go back to the drawing board—again?
  • How and where do I “find” myself?
  • Will this venture make me the dough I’m hoping for?
  • How do I make my life more fulfilling?
  • What will they think of me if I follow my unconventional dreams?
  • Did I settle in my life? Is there something more out there for me?
  • How can I get along better with this family member/ friend/ partner?
  • How do I stop fighting it and just get in the flow?

You’ve already looked for answers from self-help books, life coaches, retreats, and maybe even other psychics.

Now, you’re finally in the right place. When we do a reading, you’ll wish you’d found me sooner! But it’s OK, this is just the right time. Go here now to book a reading.

Or, read on. 


“Just How Psychic Are You?”


I know that’s your first question. That’s how psychic I am. 🙂  

Here’s the real answer:

Very, very, very psychic.

I have a special talent. I can connect with a higher level—the spirit level. Whether you believe in it or not, it’s there, and it can give you the answers you’re wanting so badly and haven’t found anywhere else.

This talent runs in my mother’s family, and in my Native American culture. It’s a powerful legacy. That may sound like a stereotype but it’s true. We’re pretty tuned in. 

Backstory: Spit, Spirit Guides and Cabbage Patch Dolls


My talent showed up at an early age.

I was already on the Native American spiritual track.

Sundays when I was a kid would start with church and end in a teepee. Our tribe, known as the Micmacs of Gesgapegiag Band (pronounced guess ga peg ee ahg – don’t sweat it), met for regular pow-wows, with me dressed in leather regalia doing a rain dance to a cowhide drum beat.

My grandfather, my first real spiritual teacher, taught me about medicines found in the forest, which my grandma boiled into homemade flu remedies, spitting in the pot and asking me if I wanted to taste it. (Ew.) My grandfather guided me to fishing, music, and storytelling, and showed me how to listen and how to feel. “That’s who we are,” he would tell me.

I listened, I heard, and I saw —  things no one else could hear or see.

It started with an old man standing tall in my cedar closet. I was 5, and he was dead. Or something. My spirit guide, or “Grey Wolf” as I came to know him, had made his first appearance in my life.

He seemed to speak with only his eyes, but I “heard” him clearly. I spoke to him about Cabbage Patch dolls, teddy bears, and how I could hear them talking to me. He let me know that the imaginary friends I had weren’t so imaginary at all. They were actually spirits from beyond connecting with the 5-year-old girl that could see them.

Grey Wolf scared the crap out of me. I prayed him away, and he did leave for a while. But he’d be back.

“Everything You Said Came True!” (Putting the Gift to Good Use)


Fast forward to college. My spooky feelings crept back in, and instead of fighting them, I got curious. I started performing readings on my family, my friends, friends of friends, anyone who would let me experiment on them.

I gave unsolicited advice to my peers: “You’ve got to study harder, because you’ve got a learning disability. You’ll be out for a year, but you’ll be back.”  That was to a classmate who, it turned out, had just been put on academic probation.  For a year.

I got a lot of “how did you know that?” looks.

Word started to spread about the strange Native American girl with the internal spirit antennae. Strangers asked me to read them. I would fit them in between classes or push back bar times to accommodate. I told one woman, “You’re going to be a PhD.” She’d just applied to grad school. I told another, “You’re going to pass all your exams but one.” And what do you know…she did.

Things Get Intense


In my final year at University, the psychic floodgates really burst. I was reading Sonia Choquette’s “Diary of a Psychic” when, from the living room, I heard low murmurs, as if someone had turned on the television. I panicked as I realized this wasn’t the television at all. They were…whispers.

Oh, it gets worse. Suddenly a man’s voice yelled, “Hi!” right in my face.  I bolted out of my apartment so damn fast I didn’t even have time to put on pants. I paced in the hallway of my apartment building at 2 AM before getting the courage to go back in, where Grey Wolf continued to talk to me. Yes, he was the voice. I’d wiped him from memory.

“Am I Crazy?”


I made an appointment with the campus therapist. I told her in our session that I was hearing voices and seeing faces, and asked if I was crazy. She asked me what I was seeing and hearing around her.

I said, “Your love life isn’t going so well, and you’re getting divorced.”

She looked at me. “Wow. Pretty good.”

At the end of our session I said,  “I guess I won’t see you again.”

She said, “Why, what do you mean?”

I said, “You’re leaving, aren’t you?”

Sure enough, she told me she’d accepted a job offer somewhere else for the coming year. And, recommended I start doing readings for real.

After this, everything changed.

My readings went to a much deeper place. I had access to the multidimensional…people’s values, their fears, their biases, their dreams—their soul. I could hear their spirit guides, their ancestors, angels and higher beings.

Don’t think you have all these beings in your life? You do, and — along with my trusty spirit guide Grey Wolf — they’ll give me all kinds of vital information about your past, present and future when we do a reading.

I’ve been doing this professionally for 6 years now. I’m DAMN good.  

I absolutely love doing readings for clients. And I’m happy to say, it’s mutual. My clients are completely amazed at what I know about them right off the bat — things you can’t google or find on Facebook. And they regularly report back to me that what I’ve predicted came true.

What will I see in your life? Let’s find out!

Have questions about how readings work? I lay it all out here.

Ready to book a reading and get your big life questions answered? Let’s get the ball rolling. (No, not the crystal ball. I don’t need one.)

Go here to book a reading now:  Psychic Reading. And thanks for being here! I can’t wait to work with you.


Trisha is a truly gifted psychic. Her natural talent coupled with a pure heart make her a light in the world.

Sabrina Choquette, Intuitive Counselor and Mentor

WTF?!?!? I just had an intuitive reading with Trisha Condo. MIND. FUCKING. BLOWN. And highly recommended.

Ramona Russell, PR Expert & Coach

She is insightful in her ability to see the past and the future with clarity. And her direct delivery style meant I didn’t walk away scratching my head about what we discussed, it was all made plain so I easily understood what I needed to do!

Kristen Dominigue, Personal Brand Development Expert

I’d like to tell you that our house is under contract now and will close on June 26 – so your reading did “come true” 🙂  

Kate Black

Trisha knows things. She makes it easy to figure out where you need to focus — and what you can let go of – that’s worth its weight in gold.  Delighted by her groundedness, accuracy, sense of joy and certainty I felt at the end of our session, I highly recommend working with her.

Stella Orange, Founder and Creative Director of

Trisha did a reading for me and my group call recently and I have to say I am truly impressed with her level of detail and insight.  Her ability to laser in on these startlingly helpful images and share them were useful input to help me and my participants leverage her quality intuition for us.  

Lisa Greenfield, Celebrity Palm Reader and Hand Analyser,

After my first experience with Trisha Condo my soul felt like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Divinely guided and Spiritually directed her gift left me excited, curious & relieved that everything is happening exactly as it should. The inner Journey manifests itself into the outer world-the best adventure one could ask for…

Brandon Johnson, Actor and TV Host

  Trisha is “the real deal.” It surprised me when she started sharing very real and specific details involving color of hair of people in my life (that was correct), and other details that she could not have found on my website.    

Elizabeth B., Entrepreneur

  That everything she said was so spot on! I could see very clearly my future and having her paint it for me in the most clear way as phenomenal. It’s the best reading I’ve ever had.  I was blown away by her accuracy. I would absolutely do it again!     

J. Williams, Entrepreneur

She intuited I would be soon filming, be on TV and be producing videos. It came true! I was flimed in Dr Northrup’s Glorious Women Never Age PBS special, I was filmed on the Dr Oz show last week and I just released a Whole30 video series. WOW! I highly recommend!

Pam Pearson, Wealthy Healthy

“In my business, I get to work with a lot of talented people and Trisha Condo is no exception. She is direct, detailed and insanely accurate! The way she integrates her Native American background with her modern day approach is not only effective, it’s fascinating.

Gina Gomez, Business & Life Coach, Los Angeles, CA at

And just like you said, Dougall is coming to my area on Sunday and I am taking a workshop with him!!!! You are amazing – and so DETAILED. That is truly what sets you apart! You are wonderful and so on the mark with everything. I Highly recommend your work and accurate readings. Such a blessing

Tiffany Soska, Yoga Instructor at

How did she know that? As the reading deepened, I could feel the truth of her insights. This kind of clarity is a rare experience! She gave me specific time frames and details. My mind was blown when I asked her questions and she was able to answer them so completely. I recommend her highly!

Pat Tallman, Hollywood Actress

I felt her warm and reassuring presence and the information she gave me was spot-on. She correctly identified the major challenges and provided me with wonderful guidance to help work through them. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a session with Trisha Condo. I felt confident, energized, and truly excited about the future.

Lynn Jennings, Conscious Eating Coach

Trisha’s reading was right on target. She did confirm details for me and gave me guidance on some upcoming events. Everything that she and her guides told me came to pass. I would recommend Trisha to anyone who wants to gain clarity, guidance, insight, or messages about any aspect of their life.

Felicia Messina-D’Haiti, Feng Shui Coach, at

Trisha immediately put me at ease with her warmth, open hearted, and nonjudgmental energy. She did zero in on my energy field and answer specific questions without me even asking them out loud. I referred several friends to her and feel confident that she would be able to help many people, both with general guidance and specific concerns.

Sarah Michaels, Actress

Without knowing anything about me, she picked up exactly the right areas of my life I’m currently focusing on and knew some important details too. It helped reinforce that I’m heading in the right direction and on the right track.And if everything Trisha said comes true, then watch this space people, things are looking HOT!”.

Jessica Bendien, Talent Producer, Bang Talent at

Trisha is spot on!Before I could ask her my question she had 20 minutes of information related to my career.She validated everything I was thinking, gave me the name to my spirit guide, and let me in on exciting upcoming events that I will definitely keep my eyes open for. She is the best!

Laura Pickens, Colette's Baron-Reid's Intuitive Coach and Healer at

She started receiving and sharing personality traits and characteristics which were spot on. I was some what skeptical, which was quieted pretty early on in our session. I’m curious to see the road ahead of me that Trisha shed some light on. I definitely recommend Trisha and will work with her again. 

Matthew Shortis, Health Coach

 Her gentle approach will put even the most skeptic student at ease. She has an amazing ability to coach by using her intuition.  She knew where I was coming from and the struggles that our people face on a daily basis.  I highly recommend Trisha  to strengthen their intuitive senses or answers from the other side.

Juliette Barnaby, Energy Worker

I loved the experience of working with Trisha.  I feverishly wrote down everything she shared with me.  I am so excited and curious about seeing her predictions manifest in my life!  She really tapped into my energy and I felt inspired and comforted about my future.  I absolutely recommend going to Trisha for guidance.  

Kristina Teschner, New York Actor,Director, and Baker Extraordinaire at

Trisha has read for me several times and I have always been very impressed by the great guidance she has given me. Her insights are spot on. I also really love the flow of her readings. I highly recommend Trisha for a reading. 

Els Schaefer, Master Intuitive Coach and Oracle Card Reader at

Trisha is the real deal!  Trisha knew some things about me intuitively and was inspiring and encouraging to me in my goals for the future.  I would highly recommend her services to those looking for a reading or those even who are curious about what a psychic person can tell them.  Remember Trisha Condo’s name.

Karen Trepte, Business Coach at

I’m very happy how it turned out- Trisha can help you to go deeper and to get a better picture of your goals. It’s personal, useful, guiding information. I loved the information about my guide- it made perfect sense and explained many of my ideas and choices in life.

Lina G., Photographer

 You gave me so many great insights into my business and where I should focus my energy next.  The guidance on letting go of perfection, having more fun and going with the flow more was something I really needed to hear too. You tapped in right away to the fantasy of moving to another country. 

Michelle Matthews, HEALTH COACH, owner of Be Well By Michelle

Thank you so much, Trisha! I’m inspired to write deeper about some of the things we talked about. Now that I know that I’m on the write/right path…and to take small steps…I feel like I am actually moving forward! And that’s a really good thing…wheely!

Shelley Tellier, WRITER, British Columbia.

I love my reading Trisha. I’m sure I will be back….thanks!

Mary Caplin, TEACHER at Wejgwapniag School

 I am very grateful for this advice, who knows what might have happened if I didn’t have this session with Trisha. Thank you Trisha (and your guide) for opening my eyes.

Melissa Vanden Heuden, Colette Baron-Reid's Master Intuitive Coach
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